Più vicini che mai

traduzione di Paolo Cesari
ISBN 9788832070712

15,00 14,25


Now in front of the condominium most loved by children and in the various apartments, the relationship life is in full swing. The passion, which previously belonged to one, now belongs to many: outdoor cinema, the social garden, the puppet theater. Removals and renovations are also everyone’s business and for the good of each. The community changes, it grows with new arrivals, stable like that of the penguin family, but also temporary like that of the Babar gentlemen’s Indian cousin. Even the most critical of the past, like Mrs. Bignolette, must change their minds: it is really nice to be in that ‘happy disorder’. With rain or snow, with the heat of summer or with the cool of autumn, life goes on: the children grow up, Santa Claus lands and at the grand final parade there will be everyone, absolutely everyone!

Settembre 2021
Collana: albi
Area tematica: Grandi avventure, Raccontare la diversità, Ridere e sorridere
Età: dai 3 anni in su
Pagine: 32
Formato: 18 x 32,5