Il Bianco e il Nero

illustrazioni di Pia Valentinis
ISBN 9788832070842

14,50 13,78


A city in the dark appears all black and the only white spots are the few lights on. When the day comes forward, the White conquers space and even goes beyond the windows and the Black of that room has nothing to do but hide under the bed. Thus begins a fun game of hide and seek between the two colors and a series of unexpected jokes before deciding by mutual agreement not to make war, but on the contrary to find all the beautiful things that see them close in the world: during the day a forest of birches, the ice of the poles with bears and penguins, zebras and panthers between savannah and jungle and when the night comes again, the two share a game of dartboard and a chess game, the music of a piano, the reading of some book page.
A nice visual contrast and a metaphor for peaceful coexistence.

Aprile 2022
Area tematica: Da un altro punto di vista, Raccontare la diversità
Età: dai 4 anni in su
Formato: 20 x 27
fileAndata e ritorno in bianco e nero