L'amore t'attende

L'amore t'attende

author Fabian Negrin 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 



rights sold: Spanish and French language 

collection: album

theme: big questions 


March 2009 

for children 14 year, pages 24, cm. 10,7x21 

isbn 978-88-89025-75-8,  

non disponibile

Two naked bodies, one next to the other. Emotion and hesitation, trembling and uncertainty in the eyes, and hands. Mouth, breast, stomach. But feet, legs, shoulders and neck, too. It’s a cliché that the roots of love should be sought in the heart. The truth is, each part of our body becomes much more than a mere anatomical component when feelings of love course through it. A three-metre-long concertina book. Page after page, it reveals the bodies of a boy and a girl. A poetic text accompanies the lover as he discovers the body of his beloved, step after step. Only when fully opened does the book reveal the image in its entirety, at almost three metres long: two young people lying down, hands interlaced, gazing into each other’s eyes. An elegant, poetic book which tells youngsters about love and eroticism, without censorship. A hymn to the body as the location of love.