A una stella cadente

A una stella cadente

author Mara Cerri 

illustrations of Mara Cerri 

translation of Pierre Hornain, Michael Reynolds 


rights sold: Spanish language (reverted) 


theme: the difficulty of growing up 


March 2007 

for children 10 year, pages 32, cm. 20x27 

isbn 978-88-89025-48-2,  

non disponibile

A how-to book to discover our wishes. the real ones. Designer clothes. Nikes. Piercings. In Mara Cerri’s book of wishes there’s no trace of these things. Her list of desires is more concrete: to be liked by others and to like oneself; to be in harmony with the world around us. A tale that deals with the desire and the fear common to all adolescents, that of becoming an adult. In Italian, English, and French, because this is a desire that knows no boundaries. A little how-to book on discovering one’s real desires. Prize: The White Ravens 2005