Così semplice (As Simple as That)

Così semplice (As Simple as That)

author Zenna Henderson 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 







June 2020 

8 years and older, pages 40, cm. 11 x 18,5 

isbn 9788832070330, € 8,50 

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Sitting at his classroom desk, Ken refuses to read aloud his part of the book and the reason is that what is written there is not true. The very good and imaginative teacher comes up with a only solution: to write herself on the blackboard a ‘true’ story, dictated by the children, that can be read. The tale grows, line by line, and it is as incredible as it is true: the house of little Biff has up into the air like an elevator and he fell down and then the house fell down onto him. Both have been swallowed by a big hole in the ground. A highly imaginative tale, constantly on the thread of the absurd, written by one of the few female writers of science fiction, hiding a big truth which children have shown to know already: often what the eyes see doesn’t find any explanation and mankind is limited by wanting to understand at all costs what is happening.