Il sogno rubato (Stolen Dream)

Il sogno rubato (Stolen Dream)

author Niccolò Tucci 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 







June 2020 

8 years and older, pages 40, cm. 11 x 18,5 

isbn 9788832070323, € 8,50 

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There are ‘objects’ that would seem difficult to steal. Yet, in this exhilarating tale two children, brother and sister, discuss precisely the theft of a dream. Vieri, the older, since he was 4 years old– when he first dreamt that cow grazing peaceful in the park of the family villa- accuses his sister Bimba to have stolen that dream and making it her own. With a certain knowledge of the facts and with indisputable arguments, the child claims his ‘birthright’ also in the areas of dreaming. Their father, impartial judge and very involved in his role, tries to understand the reasons of both of them. A little literary pearl which illuminates with irony and affection one of the crucial issues of childhood: the relationship between brothers and sisters.