Un gioco da ragazze (Child's Play)

Un gioco da ragazze (Child's Play)

author Alessandra Lazzarin 

illustrations of Alessandra Lazzarin 




collection: album



June 2020 

3 years and older, pages 36, cm. 21 x 30 

isbn 0000, € 15,00 

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An afternoon at grandma’s house to play, an afternoon like any other, apparently. Yet nothing is obvious when there are three little playing, and nothing is as it seems! Under the leaves an enchanted world is hiding, the wind that is drying the washing lines brings us to an exciting adventure, the somersaults turn us into acrobats in the circus, the hedges hide exotic and fierce creatures... The delicate hand of the emerging author Alessandra Lazzarin takes us to a parallel world of little girls and little boy’s imagination, as true and concrete as the “real” one. And the transition to this fantastical world is made even more easy and fluent thanks to a sparse and essential text made of word games that refer to the imaginary scenarios.