Aspettando Walt (Waiting for Walt)

Aspettando Walt (Waiting for Walt)

author Daniel Fehr 

illustrations of Maja Celija 



rights sold: Turkish language 

collection: album



May 2020 

5 years and older, pages 32, cm. 24 x 32 

isbn 0000, € 15,00 

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Two kids are waiting for Walt. But who is Walt? And, if Walt was there with them, what would they all do together? They would have a lot of fun, because when he is there he always has crazy ideas. This is the beginning of a imaginary adventure plunged in a swarm of weird and bizarre characters, some invented, others already seen and known. Yes, because this story contains a lot of references, from the most obvious in the title Waiting for Godot and Walt Disney, to the Walt’s stories characters, from The Cat in the Hat, to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and to The Chronicles of Narnia… All references that the little reader can take or not without affecting the force of the narration. An ode to the imagination and to the superpower that only children have: that of inventing stories and plunge into adventures starting from nothing. The illustrator, Maja Celija, must have kept this super power considering how much she has had fun in giving shape and colour to this surprising imaginative journey!