Marie Curie

Marie Curie


author Irène Cohen-Janca 

illustrations of Claudia Palmarucci 



rights sold: Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese simplified characters, Greek 

collection: album



October 2019 

8 years and older, pages 88, cm. 16,5 x 26,5 

isbn 0000, € 16,50 

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“Knowledge is like a torch that has to be passed from hand to hand in order to illuminate the world and bring more justice and freedom into it”, thinks Maria who few years after will be the first woman to be awarded the Nobel prize. The life of Maria Sklodowska, a story marked by tragic events, but also a story of courage, tenacity, love, solidarity and thirst for knowledge.The death of her mother who suffers from tuberculosis, the poverty due to the job loss of her father, the life in the dormitories, the death of one of her sisters, an impossible love… beside all this and despite all this, in Maria’s life there is the play, the laughter, and above all the teaching: daughter of a college headmistress and of a professor, Maria grows up on the conviction that knowledge represents the only true richness of life. And this is the driving force that will guide all her choices, not least the one to undergo a thousand sacrifices to go to study at the Sorbonne in Paris, since in her country the universities are closed to women. And then the degrees in physics and in mathematics, the great love for Pierre Curie, the discovery of polonium and radium. And then again the death of Pierre. And her love of people and of science that prompts her to use all her knowledge and discoveries to attend to the wounded in the war. The life of an extraordinary woman, an emotional story written with accuracy and passion by Irène Cohen-Janca and illustrated by the skilful hands of Claudia Palmarucci: over 80 drawings, one in each page, each one a result of a careful and in-depth work of research and reading up.