Amici (Friends)

Amici (Friends)

author Satomi Ichikawa 

illustrations of Satomi Ichikawa 



rights sold: French, German and Korean language 

collection: album



October 2019 

3 years and older, pages 32, cm. 23 x 21 

isbn 0000, € 14,00 

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There are many sayings on friends and friendship: “who finds a friend, finds a treasure”, “you know a true friend when trouble comes”, “little friends may prove great friends”…Everyone needs friends, to play, to share, to create, to invent, to be moved, to seek refuge, to fight, to search for, to grow…This ballad about friendship by Satomi Ichikawa reveals to the little readers what friendship means, its importance, what the numerous treasures hidden in it are. The delicate and poetic text in rhyme is an added value to the revealing and eloquent illustrations. Friendship is a world to find out, to live! The first book by Satomi Ichikawa is a pearl to behold, a rare pearl, a pearl that deserves to be rediscovered.