La povera gente (Poor People)

La povera gente (Poor People)

author Lev Tolstoj 

illustrations of Chiara Ficarelli 



rights sold: Korean language 

collection: album



September 2019 

7 years and older, pages 36, cm. 21.2 x 30.4 

isbn 0000, € 15,00 

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One of the four tales of the reading cycle for children written in 1907 by Lev Tolstoy, inspired by the poetry of Victor Hugo “Les pauvres gens”. Jeanne and Paul have three children. Paul, a fisherman, has gone out to sea that morning. A terrible storm convulses the sea and by evening Paul has still not returned. “Would he have drowned?”, asks Jeanne, all the more anxious and worried by the thought of what would be of her and their children if Paul was not to return. At that dramatic moment Jeanne’s thoughts turn to Lise, her sick neighbour, a widow with two children. She decides to go and see her, but to her horror she finds her dead, the two children at the foot of the bed, holding on to each other. Without hesitation she takes them and brings them to her own house. Now there are children. What to do if her husband does not return? And if he does return, would he let them stay? A short and intense story, a succession of strong emotions, continuous, contrasting and painful. Chiara Ficarelli, first time illustrator, has managed perfectly to grasp the drama of the story and to transfer it to her spectacular illustrations full of emphasis and pathos.