Io e Charlie (Charlie and me)

Io e Charlie (Charlie and me)

author Luca Tortolini 

illustrations of Giacomo Garelli 




collection: album



July 2019 

5 years and older, pages 48, cm. 21,5 x 30 

isbn 0000, € 16,00 

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“After only three hours, seven minutes and sixteen very very long seconds in line, me, my mother and my father, we finally could set down on the confortable chairs of the Roxi, the cinema near Times Square where the movie of the great Charlot is projected. After the first big laughs, suddenly, fire, flames and smoke invade the cinema. Everyone run away, included my parents and guess who they think is the culprit? Charlot! And me, because I try to defend him. This is the beginning of my exciting escape side by side with the great Charlot!” A funny escape through the twenties New York’s skyscrapers, adventurous and full of encounters, described by the wonderful illustrations of Giacomo Garelli and by an attentive graphics inspired by the old silent movies signs. And accompanied by the sheet music –at the base of the illustrations- of an original melody expressly composed for this story (to be downloaded through a link printed at the end of the book). A Charlot who literally make you dream!