È tempo di andare (It's Time to Go)

È tempo di andare (It's Time to Go)

author Kim Sena 

illustrations of Kim Sena 



rights sold: Korean, Greek, Russian, German language 

collection: album



February 2019 

6 years and older, pages 32, cm. 29 x 21,4 

isbn 0000, € 15,00 

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Mia and Lucy. A girl and an owl. An enduring friendship. The moment to say goodbye has come. Lucy must leave because the black panther which is waiting in the distance is about to take her away. But why right now? And where to? Will you maybe go back to where you came from? asks the downcast child. Mia and Lucy return to the place where they first met, accompanied by the thought that the many things lived together will keep them united forever. As long as she can imagine her she will not feel the pain of her absence, Lucy whispers to Mia. Silently, the panther arrives. It is time to part. Solace comes with the night, looking at the moon: the same moon is reflected in the eyes of both of them, now so very distant, but always close. A story that Kim Sena writes almost to herself, trying to find a way to come to terms with separation, to make sense of it.