Il Paese dei quadrati [+ il paese dei cerchi]

Il Paese dei quadrati [+ il paese dei cerchi]

author Francesco Tonucci 

illustrations of Osther Mayer 



rights sold: Spanish, Brazilian and Korean language  

collection: album



September 2006 

7 years and older, pages 40, cm. 19 x 30 

isbn 0000,  

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Solid, strong, and stable, the squares looked askance at the triangles. Then, an earthquake, and everything is suddenly off-kilter. Rectilinear and acute, the summit leaders of the triangles, despite strong opposition from the obtuses, decide on a reconstruction plan with the squares. And thus were born the trapezoids, the rhombuses, the pentagons, and the hexagons. The circles live only a few kilometres away. They live in igloos and eat meatballs and peas. Friendship is easily made. And with friendship, come arches, vaults, cupolas. In this tale, union is strength. But above all, union makes us wiser. Two Euclidian fables that bring geometry closer and recounts how the world is beautiful because it is varied. Why, it’s composite.