L'occhio di vetro (Through a Dead Man's Eye)

L'occhio di vetro (Through a Dead Man's Eye)

author Cornell Woolrich 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 







March 2019 

8 years and older, pages 80, cm. 11 x 18.5 

isbn 0000, € 12,50 

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Frankie is twelve. His father is a policeman who has fallen in disgrace in his district. The only way for him to remain in Homicide would be to solve an important crime. So the boy decides to offer his father an opportunity of redemption. The glass eye he just got in exchange for an old ball is what he needs, particularly because it comes from the cuff of the trousers of a man who behaves strangely. With the help of Scanny Frankie begins to investigate and by way of sharp intuition discovers the truth. The murder to be offered to his father is within reach, but so is the murderer. When Frankie, discovered, is facing his gun there arrives “the best damned policeman of the city” to save him: his father!