Bee bee, pecora nera (Baa Baa, Black sheep)

Bee bee, pecora nera (Baa Baa, Black sheep)

author Rudyard Kipling 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 







March 2019 

8 years and older, pages 80, cm. 11 x 18.5 

isbn 0000, € 12,50 

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Punch and Judy, two British children, are living happily in India, surrounded by the affection of their parents and native servants. But something is about to change: they are being sent to school in England. There, far from their parents, they live with aunt Rose and uncle Harry and their son. For Punch, being hassled and humiliated by his cousin and his bigoted and rigid aunt - the cruel woman even calls him “Black Sheep” - it is a disastrous experience. Matters get worse with the death of the uncle who has been the only one, apart from Judy, to treat him kindly. Punch rebells, to the point of threatening the lives not only of his aunt and cousin but even his own. In the end arrives his mother to take her children back to the only place where they have been happy together, India.