Il bambino Triclinio e la bella Dorotea (Triclinio and the Beautiful Dorotea)

Il bambino Triclinio e la bella Dorotea (Triclinio and the Beautiful Dorotea)

author Jorge Ibargüengoitia 

illustrations of Maurizio A. C. Quarello 



rights sold: French language 

collection: album



March 2019 

5 years and older, pages 36, cm. 21.2 x 33.8 

isbn 0000, € 15,00 

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Triclinio has four sisters, but no friends; thanks to his comical name everybody makes fun of him at school. He amuses himself with only few companions: some vultures, a mesquite tree, a family of weasels, a large seashell that serves as a door stop, in which he listens to the sea. It falls to Triclinio, the only son in the family, to accompany his sisters when they go out with their boyfriends, happy and diverting themselves no end. But not for long: a telegram announces the arrival of a cousin, the Beautiful Dorotea. Greeted by all the men with open mouths, she unsettles the whole town and above all else the lives of Triclinio and his sisters. Until one night Triclinio discovers the secret of her beauty: her opulent platinum exuberance is nothing but a wig - Dorotea is completely bald! The boy confides himself to his “friend”, the seashell doorstop. But thanks to a hurricane, the shell sings through the whole night and reveals the truth to the town: “Tim tom tum, the Beautiful Dorotea is as bald as my bum.” The next day Dorotea disappears together with her wig and her bald head. And all live again happily and content. A funny and definitely politically incorrect tale, by one of the most sharp and ironic Mexican author.