C'era una volta un cacciatore (There Once was a Hunter)

C'era una volta un cacciatore (There Once was a Hunter)

author Fabian Negrin 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 




collection: album



January 2019 

for all ages, pages 32, cm. 24 x 32 

isbn 0000, € 15,00 

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A hunter wounds his prey. Following its tracks, he is reflected in the same water from which the prey has just drunk, and so he changes into a mythological being, half man and half deer. When they finally meet, the prey has changed into a woman. The two worlds, the human and the animal, merge; hunter and prey fall in love. When the night ends, both return to their own universe, but not for long. Love, the force that moves the world, draws them together again: an encounter from which springs...another life. In the tradition of the Greek myth of Actaeon and of the brothers Grimm and the White Doe of Mme D’Aulnoy, the author takes the theme of metamorphosis a step further. Nothing is what it appears to be, everything changes, only love is permanent. A book of images alone, because words are superfluous in love. Who is the hunter? Who is the prey? Why hunting, when it is so bewitching to be hunted? An introduction to the eternal play of love, in the form of an illustrated album.