La volpe senza il corvo (The Fox without the Crow)

La volpe senza il corvo (The Fox without the Crow)

author Pascale Petit 

illustrations of Gérard DuBois 



rights sold: French language 




September 2018 

4 years and older, pages 40, cm. 19.3 x 24.6 

isbn 9788899064730, € 14,00 

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“Who on the praise of others rises too high, from too high sooner or later will fall”: this is the moral of the parable of the fox and the crow, told first by Aesop, then by Fedro and then again by Jean de la Fontaine. The tale of the narcissist crow and its amazing piece of yellow cheese, and of the sly fox who succeeds to get hold of it by flattery. Pascale Petit, in her exhilarating version enjoys herself not only with the language, creating truly refined and even daring wordplays, but also with characters: in fact, here the derided crow thinks it best to disappear. And the fox, who can’t get over this, embarks on an adventurous and turbulent search for his companion of the story and a bit of something to eat. The playful illustrations by the famous Canadian illustrator Gérard Dubois accompany and enhance this funny comedy of this tale with elegance and a retro touch.