Tre in tutto (Three in all)

Tre in tutto (Three in all)

author Davide Calì 

illustrations of Isabella Labate 




collection: album



July 2018 

6 years and older, pages 36, cm. 30 x 21.5 

isbn 9788899064853, € 15,00 

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The Second World War has just ended. Italy is in pieces. But most of all the South is living in great poverty. So from 1945 to 1951, thanks to the women of the DIA and Italian Communist Party many southern children leave their families and their land for a few years and move to the more affluent North, to upper Italy. There, on their arrival, they find affection, care and sustenance instead of the child-devouring communists of which the priest thundered in their village. The women and ladies who care for them slowly enter their hearts and become their mothers, second mammas. Their children are their new brothers. When they return home these children meet their usual poverty with a new awareness. To console their nostalgia there remains an indissoluble bond, a few letters and on Christmas a parcel that arrives from up north. Freely inspired by Alessandro Piva’s documentary “Black Pasta”, this is the story of two of those nearly 70,000 children who, leaving behind the blackest poverty and the rubble of their destroyed countries, discover the taste of tortellini fillings the softness of sheets and, above all, the affection of caring people, often women and mothers.