Come si legge un libro? (How to read a Book)

Come si legge un libro? (How to read a Book)

author Daniel Fehr 

illustrations of Maurizio A. C. Quarello 



rights sold: German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Korean, Chinese simplified characters, Greek 

collection: album



April 2018 

5 years and older, pages 28, cm. 23 x 33 

isbn 9788899064761, € 14,00 

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Reading the book seems easy, but it isn’t! Especially when you realize that the people drawn on the page don’t stay where the pencil has left them but drift around in the white space of the paper and assume strange poses, depending on how you hold the book. And so the two unfortunate Hänsel and Gretel appear upside down and old Baba Jaga’s hut has capsized. Worse still when the sea on which Ahab navigates in pursuit of Moby Dick begins to spill on the heads of the children and the witch. Little serves the well meant advices to the reader: even the poor emperor, naked as he is in the famous tale, ends up with his legs in the air. Spins, somersaults, pirouettes. Whether the images nor the words keep still on the pages. And you can’t follow them unless you keep turning the book around. A BOOK TO MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN!