La bilancia dei Balek (The Balek Scales)

La bilancia dei Balek (The Balek Scales)

author Heinrich Böll 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 







March 2018 

8 years and older, pages 40, cm. 11 x 18,5 

isbn 9788899064808, € 8,50 

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A village that subsists by the scutching of flax, where the work of children consists of going into the forest to gather herbs, mushrooms, thyme and straw flowers, and where the only scales are those of the high-born Baleks; they are the law in matters of weight. For five generations no one has suspected the scales, until a stubborn boy notices the big deceit... Resentful and enraged, the inhabitants demand the return of the ill-gotten gains - in vain. A revolt breaks out but is brutally suppressed. Everything returns to what it was: those who robbed keep on robbing.