Fratello Lupo (Brother Wolf)

Fratello Lupo (Brother Wolf)

author René Guillot 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 







March 2018 

8 years and older, pages 40, cm. 11 x 18,5 

isbn 9788899064785, € 8,50 

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Yok is a wolf pup. Olof that of a man. And yet, they are brothers. In their Sami hut they play and grow together and drink the milk of the same wolf mother. Yok runs on powerful legs and catches prey with sharp teeth, Olof glides over the ice on a sled and shoots with the rifle. They speak the same language but they are different kinds of hunters; their nature requires them to part. Many moons pass before they meet again. Olof is in danger, wounded and at the mercy of a pack of wolves when Yok appears and saves hum fighting against his own kind. The reader knows about their bond. But not the hunter who doesn’t recognize their kinship and fires at Yok, killing him.