author Anton Cechov 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 







March 2018 

8 years and older, pages 36, cm. 11 x 18.5 

isbn 9788899064792, € 8,50 

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The letter that the little orphan Van’ka writes on the night before Christmas is meant for his grandfather. By the light of a candle, silently, in terror of being discovered, he begs him to come and take him away from this house where the shoemaker, apart from teaching him his trade, is beating him and makes him endure hunger and does not let him sleep. He remembers the happy days at the village, when the young maids of the mistress would spoil him with sweets, or grandfather would take him into the forest tree for Christmas. Even though he knows that his letter will never reach its destination, writing it has brought relief to the boy who is at the end of his strength and endurance. That night the hope and warmth of the memories have finally given him a peaceful and serene sleep.