Quando gli animali andavano a piedi  (When the animals were walking on foot)

Quando gli animali andavano a piedi (When the animals were walking on foot)

author Franco Lorenzoni 

illustrations of Eva Sánchez Gómez 




collection: album



February 2018 

5 years and older, pages 56, cm. 20 x 27 

isbn 9788899064723, € 16,00 

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“There was a time when all the animals went on foot ...” the shepherd Yussif, an emigrant who came from the sea, tells his daughter.After telling the story of his escape to a better life, made on the backs of donkeys crammed into a truck, Yussif tells her that long ago the animals were walking on foot, traversing entire regions and crossing mountains to reach better pastures. And the people, often children, followed behind for months, on foot as well.Today people move horses, sheep, oxen crammed together as if they were merchandise on large trucks that are racing over highways. A question arises in the curious head of this girl: if those who have legs stop using them to move around, what will happen tthe birds? Will they too one day stop swimming aiting for a submarine or a plane to take them somewhere else?Franco Lorenzoni is a teacher who knows how to tell stories and give voice to children and their questions. The great open spaces created by Eva Sanchez Gomez, boundless and so full of freedom, alternate with claustrophobic cages, crates or busy metropolis, all of this illuminated by her sensitivity for the colour of her pencils - the warm tones for the world of nature as it used to be, cold blues for asphyxiating cities and highways, for the world as it is. A story of migrations of people and animals in which the past and the present are compared. A metaphor on people’s supremacy over nature – and over themselves.