Le avventure di Pinocchio (The Adventures of Pinocchio)

Le avventure di Pinocchio (The Adventures of Pinocchio)


illustrations of Luca Caimmi 


afterword: Antonio Faeti 


collection: stories and novels



October 2018 

8 years and older, pages 176, cm. 31,5 x 22,2 

isbn 0000, € 28,00 

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The story is the one that we all know by Carlo Collodi, but the illustrations…. Luca Caimmi has outdone himself imagining a setting almost metaphysical, populated by characters inspired from the sea world. The book will come with a slipcase. Please note that the illustrations in black and white are provisional. The definitive images will come at the end of June 2017. An afterword by Antonio Faeti (an Italian writer, educationalist, essayist, illustrator and one of the most authoritative voices in the landscape of children’s culture) will come in the last two pages.