Il libro incompleto (The Incomplete Book)

Il libro incompleto (The Incomplete Book)


illustrations of Simona Mulazzani, Spider 




collection: album



September 2017 

3 years and older, pages 32, cm. 30 x 21 

isbn 0000, € 17,50 

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“(…) imagine an illustrated booklet composed of few pages. In the first page you will find maybe a bedroom, in the second a landscape with mountain, fields and forests, in the third a town with its streets, doors, squares and houses. (…) In each of these pictures you will discover several slots (…) and a small pocket at the end of the book containing little pictures representing human shapes, furniture, vehicles, ships, food and any kind of plants, that can be inserted in the slots. In this way it is possible to furnish the room in hundred different ways, decorate the landscape with hundreds of types of flowers and animals, present the town as it appears on a market day or on Sunday, and -as you wish- make even deer and squirrels wander in the streets.” Walter Benjamin, extract from the radio broadcast Do monkeys live only in trees? Did you ever spot them under the sea? Is the jungle populated only by savage animals or do ladies with handbags stroll there? Is the destiny of a unicorn to gallop only in a garden of a fable castle or can it strolls on a planet in the cosmos admiring stars? Well, everything is possible in this book! Simona Mulazzani conceived six scenarios –the cosmos, the jungle, the house, the underwater world, the castle and the town- and Spider amused himself drawing characters to animate them. Children will decide whether to create “realistic” sceneries or let their imagination wander and invent new and alternative worlds. Unlike Benjamin’s suggestion, however, the scenarios don’t have slots and the little pictures aren’t kept in a pocket but are “free” in the final six pages, in the form of reusable stickers. A book to be completed in as many different ways as there are human beings, and even more!