Mio padre il grande pirata (new edition)

Mio padre il grande pirata (new edition)

author Davide Calì 

illustrations of Maurizio A. C. Quarello 



rights sold: French, German, Brazilian, Simplified Chinese, Korean and English language 

collection: album

theme: recounting the present, the difficulty of growing up, memory 


January 2017 

8 years and older, pages 48, cm. 21x28 

isbn 9788896806630,  

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His father, emigrant to Belgium, came back home one time in a year, bringing beautiful presents and telling stories about lost treasures and adventures. He believes he is a pirate. Just after an accident occurred to his father in the mine the kid understands the truth. What a great disappointment: his dad always lied, and the incredible pirate is gone. After some years the father, who has gone back to Italy, after some years, receives a letter announcing that the mine is closing. Father and son take off directed to Belgium to say goodbye, with all the other miners, to that place of pain and sorrow, but also of friendship and solidarity. Up there the son, who joined the father, climbs a pylon to raise the pirate flag received by the dad on his seventh birthday. The mine closes but the kid rediscovers his dad. A touching story that talks about work, hope and solidarity.