Dov'è la casa dell'aquila? (Where is the Eagle's Lair?)

Dov'è la casa dell'aquila? (Where is the Eagle's Lair?)

author Fabian Negrin 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 




collection: album



October 2017 

3 years and older, pages 28, cm. 23,3 x 29,4 

isbn 0000, € 14,00 

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The umpteenth little lamb has disappeared. Who is responsible for this? It is the eagle, as usual! There are those who would like to bump off the bird, but another is fatally attracted by it and want to rescue it. And so he sets out on an heroic adventure: searching for the predator's house, to advise him of the menace and save him. He asks for help from the shrewd fox, from the wise owl, from the fearful squirrel, from the haughty deer, from the famished bear, from the discouraging steinbock: none wants to help him in his endeavour. Finally he succeeds, he reaches his eagle! Despite the warning of its saviour, the generous and daring predator takes flight and, on his back, brings him home, save and sound. There, his parents are waiting for him, astonished. The tale, in rhymes, of the adventurous journey of a child across steep and inhospitable mountains in the pursuit of a dream: meet and save his favourite animal and… fly!