Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Sea)

Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Sea)

author Armin Greder 

illustrations of Armin Greder 



rights sold: English and Korean language 

collection: album



June 2017 

11 years and older, pages 40, cm. 22 x 32 

isbn 0000, € 16,00 

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This book starts with the image of a lifeless body, one of many in the Mediterranean waters. It will be food for fishes that will appear on our dining tables and fill them. Vessels laden with weapons cut through the Mediterranean waters from north to south to arm fratricidal hands, tearing apart and emptying villages, regions and states. Columns of men, women and children are escaping through deserts of sand and stones. And then, a boat, a mirage, an insecure boat to cross Mediterranean waters from south to north. Always more frequently, it is not only hope that drowns in these waters. After "The Island", another severe act of accusation signed by Armin Greder. A book mute, without words. Against our indifference and complicity. Published with the patronage of Amnesty International Italy.