Il maestro (The Teacher)

Il maestro (The Teacher)

author Fabrizio Silei 

illustrations of Simone Massi 



rights sold: French (Europe only) and Korean language  

collection: album



May 2017 

8 years and older, pages 48, cm. 24 x 32 

isbn 9788899064495, € 15,00 

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At the foot of the Tuscan Apennines, a peasant, illiterate, together with his son, also illiterate, stands before the master of the land and the house: they claim the right to have light in their house. The crafty master brandishes a sheet of paper in front of them. He has made the request months ago but the company has still not made the connection. “Here, you can read for yourself” he said, knowing that they are not able to read. The peasant takes his leave, head bowed. After one month, two months, three… the peasants still don’t have a shadow of light. A day at the end of Summer, father and son, dressed in their Sunday best, start walking up an incline. The boy doesn’t know where the father is taking him. When he discovers – to Barbiana, to that school of that mad priest – he baulks, but in vain. In a shabby room, together with another bunch of boys, he will learn to count and even to write and read, not only the textbooks but also the newspaper articles. He will also learn to debate and reason. And finally, revolutionary for peasants and mountain people, he and the others will learn to swim. Then, together, the odd priest teacher and the equally strange gang of boys, write a letter that will be called "Letter to a Teacher" (which has been translated and published all over the world): the strongest denunciation not only of a school that discriminates against the poorest, but also against the manner and the sense of education. A book to remember both the fifty years of the publication of "Letter to a Teacher" and the death of Father Lorenzo Milani. A book to remember that Barbiana is no longer in Mugello; Barbiana is in Africa, in the Middle East, Barbiana is a Muslim community, Barbiana is in Latin America.