La lampada magica di Aladino (Aladdin's Magic Lamp)

La lampada magica di Aladino (Aladdin's Magic Lamp)

author Davide Calì 

illustrations of Nicolò Carozzi 




collection: album



December 2016 

6 years and older, pages 24, cm. 21 x 30 

isbn 9788899064440, € 13,00 

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He is in search of a present for mother. It is her birthday. His eyes come to rest on an old oil lamp. It doesn’t cost much, is an antique and the assistant claims that it is Aladdin’s fabled lamp. Fine. It will certainly not be magical but it costs nothing to try. A rub, and from the spout emerges a sooty cloud that speaks.“Good day, Master. I am here to fulfil three of your wishes”.Here is the first wish: “To be filthy rich”. Done! In front of the house materialises a huge brown and smelly heap. Really filthy!Better to be more precise in expressing the next wish. “A unique and wonderful wealth”. Instantly an enormous pink diamond appears out of nowhere. There is no time to rejoice, however: the diamond disappears, stolen. There remains the last wish: “Become famous”. Nobody can steal fame. But the result is more than famous- notorious. He is being mistaken as the thief of the diamond, and arrested. In prison he is allowed just one phone call to mother. The new book, emerged from the competition Notte di Fiaba di Riva del Garda. A modern fable about greed.