E non mi fermo

E non mi fermo


author Albino Pierro 

illustrations of Mara Cerri 


afterword: Elio Pecora 





October 2016 

7 years and older, pages 32, cm. 19 x 30 

isbn 9788899064433, € 15,50 

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The pig and the donkey, the slingshot and the spinning top, the ravines and the caves, the teacher and the ghost, the sparrow and the stray dog. These accompany the poet step by step on his return to the language of his forebears, that ancient dialect of Lucania, and rekindle in him the desire to rediscover the past and the forgotten places.A dozen of poems, admirably rendered in Italian, in which longing and solitude suddenly are lit by flashes of light that dispel the silence and the darkness of uncertainty and fear, and in which the regret for a lost childhood is ever-present. The poetry of the verses of Albino Pierro – candidate for the Nobel Prize of Literature and twice in second place – and that of Mara Cerri’s illustrations reflect each other, recognise each other and become friends. It is the poets who save the world, even that beautiful and forgotten land of Lucania.