Piccione Gedeone (Pigeon Gedeon)

Piccione Gedeone (Pigeon Gedeon)

author Alberto Graziani 

illustrations of Alberto Graziani 




collection: comics



September 2016 

dagli 8 anni in su, pages 32, cm. 21 x 28,7 

isbn 9788899064358, € 13,90 

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The pigeon Gideon, his feet firmly planted on the ridge of his roof, observes his surroundings from high up with a skeptical eye. And he does it in excellent company. Friends abound - all of them memorable - with whom he comments with irony and sarcasm on contemporary life: Onofrio, the vegan cat, the convict Canary, Rita the mountaineer snail, the Noghtongolo who only speaks in o’s and his brothers, the Nughtungulu and the Naghtangala. There are extraordinary cameo appearances by Batman in retirement, Bergman’s Death and Reinhold Messner. A rather strange world, sometimes too much so… Better the reality where what is real is not necessarily rational but can at least become hilarious - even humanity. Just keep at a reasonably safe distance. The idea for the pigeon Gideon came to Alberto Graziani, architect, humourist and journalist from Vicenza, as he was clambering around on the bell towers of his native city during a photography project. With him was a Franciscan brother, cursing the pigeons and throwing their eggs to the ground below. Alberto, however, could only think of Saint Francis and the irony of the situation. Surreal, ironical, delirious: the life of a pigeon, in stripes.