La scimmia e il melograno (The Monkey and the Pomegranate)

La scimmia e il melograno (The Monkey and the Pomegranate)


illustrations of Lucie Müllerová 




collection: album



June 2017 

6 years and older, pages 64, cm. 21 x 28 

isbn 9788899060000, € 16,00 

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One day, while a monkey was eating her pomegranate on a branch of an oak, a seed fell to the ground. From it sprang a plant, but in the shade of the great oak it did not grow well. The monkey begged everyone, first of all the peasant, to help her with her little pomegranate plant, but no-one wanted to assist. Then one day she met an old woman with a scythe and told her that she had had begged the king and the queen, the cat and the mouse, the dog and the stick, the fire and the water, the ox and the butcher, but in vain. Death – for that is what the old woman was – listened in silence, and then said: come with me; this is what I’ll do. And she went to all those who had been selfish and oblivious to the requests of the monkey and scared them ‘to death’. The last was the oak who, fearing the scythe, finally opened her branches and let the sunlight through so that the little pomegranate plant could grow well. Death changing life: a fable that advances and then turns back on itself to become a silent book. The black and white story of the many pleas of the monkey contrasts with a storm of colour in which everyone is fleeing, even the words. The relentless rhythm of this traditional folk tale comes alive, like a jig, in the text of Serenella Quarello and in the illustrations of Lucka Müllerová.