La tempesta (The Tempest)

La tempesta (The Tempest)

author William Shakespeare 

illustrations of Fabian Negrin 


adaptation by: Mary Lamb 


collection: album



November 2016 

8 years and older, pages 48, cm. 20 x 30 

isbn 9788899064419, € 19,50 

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Prospero, deposed Duke of Milan and magician, has been living for years on an island in the ocean, together with his daughter Miranda. His brother Antonio has relegated him there. The island is magical. Once haunted by the witch Sicorace and now inhabited only by her son, the monster Caliban, and by spirits imprisoned in the trunks of trees. Prospero takes along Caliban and frees the spirits from the spell. Grateful, they all become his faithful servants, first and foremost Ariel, their leader. With his arts and the power of the spirits Prospero is able to rule over the elements of nature. And so, when he discovers the usurper Antonio and his accomplice, the King of Naples, at sea, he unleashes a storm to force them to land on the island. And here begins the vengeance. In the end injustice and abuse will be defeated, the wrongs forgiven and love will triumph. Illustrated by Fabian Negrin, a truly outstanding book with fold-out pages in panorama format. 78 x 30 cm.