"Io ti salverò" ("I will save you")


author Anna Lavatelli 

illustrations of Cinzia Ghigliano 




collection: album



February 2017 

7 years and older, pages 40, cm. 21 x 28,5 

isbn 9788899064464, € 15,50 

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Not far from Paris, in Asnières, there is a cemetery of dogs. There lies buried a famous dog: Rintintin, known as Rinty, the dog made an American film star by the soldier Lee Duncan. His story begins in France, at the end of World War I. An American soldier finds a litter of German Shepherds in the ruins of a village between the Meuse and the Rhine. He decides to keep one and take it with him back to California once the war is over.On his return he realises that the great bond between him and his dog can be put at the service of the cinema. And so, in Los Angeles, where the studios of Hollywood are emerging, the dog found in France, named after a traditional lucky charm doll, becomes a four legged star. On his death, Duncan decides to bury him not far from where he found him, and so that cemetery near Paris came to receive his remains. And it is from there that his spirit tells its glorious history on Halloween Night. A book to remember a childhood icon and an icon of cinema that comes back to life in a text of Anna Lavatelli and the images of Cinzia Ghigliano, striking like still photographs.