Piccolo Elefante va in Cina

Piccolo Elefante va in Cina


illustrations of Leonard Weisgard 

translation of Carla Ghisalberti 


rights sold: Russian language 

collection: stories and novels



June 2016 

4 years and older, pages 48, cm. 15,4 x 17,7 

isbn 9788899064303, € 13,00 

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“My dear Baby Elephant” said Mother Elephant, “I have only one suggestion. It is what I used to do at the beach when I was a baby elephant. It is dig a hole to China.” Baby Elephant is at the beach together with Mother Elephant. She would like to read and sunbathe, but he is bored and keeps pestering her. So mother suggests he digs a deep hole to get to China. Baby Elephant sets to work enthusiastically, and so begin for him a great adventure and a long imaginary journey during which he will even learn some basic Chinese words. After “Brave Baby Elephant”, this is another entertaining story by two stars of American children’s literature of the Fifties, about the cute and courageous (and hungry) elephant so well remembered by children.