La nave dei folli

La nave dei folli

author Marco Taddei 

illustrations of Michele Rocchetti 




collection: stories and novels



July 2016 

8 years and older, pages 48, cm. 23 x 30 

isbn 9788899064310, € 16,50 

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Brandano, half Ulysses and half picaresque hero, has a dream: the earth is not flat as a carpet, but is round as a barrel. From the village of Saggionia he leaves with a pierced vessel and a crew of fools. Aiming to Orient, among many adventures they arrive to unexplored lands, meet dragons, Kraken, islands of sleepwalkers and wise maidens. The Journey doesn’t stop even when they arrive to hell sailing through the bowels of the earth. Not even the devils overcome this overwhelming crew. As Verne already proved, if you arrive and go beyond the centre of the earth, there is always something waiting for you on the other side…. Written in a compelling language that reminds the simple and cultured one of Gargantua and Pantagruele by Rabelais, Marco Taddei, and the illustrator Michele Rocchetti produce a tale made of astonishment and uncontrolled fun, where reality succumbs to fantasy, wisdom to madness, and where it is shown that Earth is round.