Lea e l'elefante (Lea and the Elephant)

Lea e l'elefante (Lea and the Elephant)

author Kim Sena 

illustrations of Kim Sena 



rights sold: Korean, Chinese Complex characters, Turkish language 

collection: album



January 2017 

6 years and older, pages 44, cm. 23,2 x 33,4 

isbn 9788899064297, € 15,00 

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Lea fills her house with everything that she loves. But she always feels empty and always wants more. One day she invites an elephant to tea, and promises to teach him how to fly. She paints his skin and gives him a red balloon, but the elephant still can’t fly. Days and days go by and the elephant has not been taught how to fly. In the end it is the elephant who teaches Lea something, that tricks and lies are not necessary in order to make friends. Kim Sena, Korean author and illustrator, in her second book, creates a story about how the power of friendship can fill a void that material objects cannot. A fairy tale of honour of friendship.