Il serpente tanto solo (The very Lonely Snake)

Il serpente tanto solo (The very Lonely Snake)

author Armin Greder 

illustrations of Armin Greder 



rights sold: Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Catalan language 

collection: album



September 2016 

3 years and older, pages 36, cm. 21 x 19,8 

isbn 9788899064334, € 13,00 

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A snake, newly awaken from his hibernation, is looking for friends. But not everything that moves, not everything that is long, not everything that is thin is necessarily a snake. In the garden, each time the snake thinks he’s found a friend he is wrong. Scattered here and there are electrical wires, a lizard, a garden hose, a shoelace and a belt but no snakes. Just when the snake is convinced he will spend his life alone, in front of him appears an attractive female snake who invites him to follow her to the other side of the garden, where they see a man without a shoe and with his pants dropped, scolding his dog who has stolen laces, belts, and electrical wire. A visual feast for the eyes, with a play on shapes.