Il coccodrillo (The Crocodile)

Il coccodrillo (The Crocodile)


author Fëdor Dostoevskij 

illustrations of Marco Marinangeli 







August 2017 

8 years and older, pages 72, cm. 21 x 30 

isbn 00000, € 16,50 

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In a gallery of Petersburg there is an exhibition of exotic animals: parrots, monkeys and crocodiles. The crocodile is the greatest attraction and gets the attention of Mr. Matveich, who unwisely teases him and ends up being eaten. The screams of Mr Matveich’s wife and his dear friend and witness of the incident, meet the still stronger screams of the owner of the crocodile. The latter fears that the ‘meal’ is too heavy to be digested and will kill his beloved crocodile. Then the unbelievable happens: from the belly of the crocodile, it is Mr. Matveich who, alive and well, shouts of the reptiles new and unusual condition: an incredibly comfortable elastic stomach. Why do not take advantage? People will come from far and wide to hear what the man inside the crocodile has to say and, paying a quarter of a ruble each, will make him a fortune. But human nature feeds on lies and the truth is not always newsworthy. The next day the newspapers report: Helpless crocodile forced to swallow a drunk! A masterpiece of irony, a masterpiece of Dostoevsky.