Poemario di campo (Country Poems)

Poemario di campo (Country Poems)

author Alonso Palacios 

illustrations of Leticia Ruifernández 

translation of Francesca Lazzarato 



collection: album



May 2017 

For all, pages 96, cm. 24,5 x 10,7 

isbn 9788899064563, € 18,00 

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Tales of Nature. Drawn from life as seen through the lenses of a binocular. This nature is inhabited by small insects, coloured by flowers and fruit bearing trees, inhabited by birds, daisies giving and taking away love, ducks with legs like fans and beaks like spoons, cherries like bright shining earrings. Few words, Spanish haiku, together with splashes of colour, true strokes on the page, this book by Alonso Palacios and Leticia Ruifernández is a hymn to the beauty of Nature, but also, in the final pages, a collection of curiosities of the flora and fauna that inhabit it. A precious edition of a rare art book.