Frantz e il Golem

Frantz e il Golem

author Irène Cohen-Janca 

illustrations of Maurizio A. C. Quarello 

translation of Paolo Cesari 


rights sold: French (Europe only) and English language 

collection: stories and novels



March 2016 

8 years and older, pages 48, cm. 21 x 27 

isbn 9788899064280, € 16,50 

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That night, back in 1892, Frantz, a boy from Prague, moves silently in the dark. He has a secret: he’s going to a forbidden place, the attic of the synagogue of the city, where the remains of the Golem are kept, the giant made of clay that nobody could win or stop and that back in the Middle Age, protected the jews from Prague. The access to the attic is forbidden to everybody, under penalty of madness and death, but Frantz can’t resist and wants to see what’s hidden under the dust. Shacking and shivering, the boy moves the pile of rags that hides a giant cloak and manages to wear it. Suddenly, everything starts to whirl around him and he finds himself traveling back in Time. So, through his eyes, we see the story of the creation of the Golem by the cabalist Maharal, back in 1580. A silent giant creature that has incised on its forehead the word “Truth” and has received life in order to protect the jewish Prague people, but that one day seems to become mad and runs away, destroying everything on its way. Back in that time, it is Myriam, a girl, that is going to stop it, erasing the first letter of the word “Truth” from its forehead, turning it into the word “Death”. Back to the present, Frantz runs away from the attic scared to death. Although, destiny leads him to another girl named Myriam, who tells him what she has just dreamed of: the story that Frantz had just lived in his incredible time travel. A story that brings together once again Irène Cohen-Janca and Maurizio Quarello: between Cabala and esotericism, one of the most thrilling tale of the Jewish tradition, narrated through the fascinated eyes of two children.