author Cinzia Ghigliano 

illustrations of Cinzia Ghigliano 



rights sold: Korean language 

collection: album



March 2016 

9 years and older, pages 32, cm. 21 x 29,7 

isbn 9788899064273, € 15,00 

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The journal of Vivian Maier seen through a very special eye: that of her camera: the Rolleyflex that Vivian brought with her all the time, on her heart. Through her camera we meet the children that Vivian took care of as a nanny, common people met on the street, far away places, destinations of her many journeys, perspectives of her beloved cities, New York and Chicago. Behind every shoot there is her vision of the world, that of a shy and reserved woman that kept in a trunk more than one hundred thousand photographies. We become witnesses of her black and white journal, a lifetime journal, a overview of expressions, faces, atmospheres, places seized in the moment of a click. The author Cinzia Ghigliano is one of the few comic strip women in italy. She co-works with important newspapers, such as Linus and Il corriere dei Piccoli, but she practiced with great successes illustration, especially in publishing for kids, and painting: winner of the Yellow Kid At Lucca Comics, of the Andersen award in the scientific divulgation category, recently of the Gigante delle Langhe and Caran D’Ache awards and finally selected in The Withe Ravens catalogue 2016.