Strisce e macchie

Strisce e macchie

author Dahlov Ipcar 

illustrations of Dahlov Ipcar 

translation of Damiano Abeni 



collection: album



February 2016 

3 years and older, pages 44, cm. 21,5 x 28 

isbn 9788899064235, € 14,90 

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Curious, playful and hungry, a young tiger and a young leopard meet in the jungle, both exploring and hunting for something to eat. The young tiger sets out on his own is determined to catch things with stripes. The young leopard is determined to catch things with spots. Unfortunately ladybugs or beetles, leaves or turtles have a bad taste. But be careful there are croccodiles around and two dark shadows are approaching... In this delightful children's book, originally published in 1961, Dahlov Ipcar Ipcar's incomparable signature artwork has never looked bolder or brighter.