Bruno (new edition)

Bruno (new edition)

author Nadia Terranova 

illustrations of Ofra Amit 



rights sold: Spanish, Polish and Lithuanian language 

collection: album



January 2016 

10 year and older, pages 40, cm. 21 x 30,5 

isbn 9788899064259, € 11,50 

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Drohobycz, ex Poland, 1942: a man amongst many was killed by a Nazi officer. His name was Bruno Schulz. He was Jewish. He was also an artist and a writer. Genial. “He’s more kafkian than Kafka”: ‘cause of his impending father, his difficult relationship with women, his sensitiveness so dreamlike and deep. Nadia Terranova and Ofra Amit tell his story, since he was a child, in a moving picture book: fantasy and imagination really make human beings flying over the war and the horror. In bookshops in January 2012, on the occasion of The International Day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.