author Chiara Guidi 

illustrations of Simone Massi 




collection: album



January 2016 

8 years and older, pages 48, cm. 21,5 x 28 

isbn 9788899064242, € 13,00 

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The theatrical text, which is narrated in the same way as it is narrated on the written page, is amplified by the suggestive black and white (mostly black) figures of Simone Massi. A dark fairytale where seven brothers are abandoned in the wood by miserable parents. The younger brother, Buchettino, which is considered dumb by everybody just because he is a quite boy, reveals himself to be the most sharp among them. Not only he gets his brothers home safe and sound, but also, in order to revenge the cruelty of the ogre who wants to eat them, he cheats him twice, so that the ogre kills his seven daughters by mistake and he’s robbed of all his treasure. Once again it is shown that it is not the strength that is going to save the world.