Lungo il cammino

Lungo il cammino

author Isabella Labate 

illustrations of Isabella Labate 




collection: album



December 2015 

9 years and older, pages 56, cm. 21 x 30 

isbn 9788899064051, € 16,50 

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Rachele is not afraid of the wood. She loves walking alone among trees and bushes. But that day, coming back from a walk, she doesn’t find anybody at home, or in the village. Everyone seems to have disappeared into thin air, including her mother. Without a clear direction, in an abandoned and wild world, she walks aimlessly for days long. She meets a horse which shares her path, a wolf which shares her little food, an old man who shares an ancient story of sky-high houses, flying machines and boxes containing all the knowledge. As soon as she is on the way again, she reaches a desert village and finally, in an empty stone’s church she feels quiet. Now she knows which her mission is: keep on living and make life live again, and she will be not alone in doing it. A touching vision of the world, returned to its origins after a mysterious apocalypse - a moving interpretation of life cycle.