author Autori vari  

illustrations of Mirjana Farkas 







December 2015 

for all, pages 48, cm. 23 x 31 

isbn 9788890900174,  

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Connections, love, pain, secrets and lies, friendship and closeness are the threads that run through the book. These are stories of families that fight against the odds and survive. Some of these stories come from Italy, Peru, Afghanistan, Morocco, Mali, Ethiopia, Iran, Somalia, Albania, Ukraine, Moldavia, Niger... They talk to us about the family as a place of strength and connection, of love and resistance in the face of the irrationality of fate, of dictatorships and civil wars, of identity or economic rises and of the transformation of civil society and democracy. These short stories describe in an intimate and emotional way how History with a capital H rears its ugly head in the heart of family relationships and describes how individuals as part of families fight back and resist. After “Roots” and “Animals”, “Families” portrays stories of men and women looking for their identity.